Valentine Surprise, For Mommy…

February 14, 2011 emme1

I wanted Emme to have a pacifier.  It was part of how I imagined my baby girl.  I remember vividly in Ethiopia trying to get her to take it.  They had no “toe-toe’s” (The Amharic word for Pacifier) at the orphanage.  To me it was a another way to share my love with her, especially when I was not with her.

Fast forward to now, and things are a little different.  We had been successful quite some time ago in making the toe-toe just a nap or bed time thing.  As time went on, I knew the day was going to come when I was going to have to take it from her.  Her Doctor had recommended by age two, so I came up with what I thought was the perfect plan to anticipate saying goodbye to toe-toe.

It just so happened that a fellow Ethiopian family was going to be bringing their baby son, Luca home sometime in February.  Emme and I started having discussions in November about how, “Baby Luca is coming home from Ethiopia, and he is going to need a toe-toe, because he is a baby..and you are a big girl, big girls don’t need toe-toe’s, but babies do.”  We would have this conversation every night, and slowly I could see that Emme was understanding what was going to happen.  I was so proud of myself, and felt like such a good Mommy.  In my mind it played out exactly as I hope transitions in life will be for Emme.  Me by her side, using love and logic.  YEAH RIGHT!!!  Life had another plan.

Saturday evening, Emme was just finishing up coloring, and got VERY excited when Daddy suggested getting the play dough out.  She ran to get the cookie cutters & rolling pin out of the cupboard, and was running to her child size table when….Crash!!  She fell & she fell hard.  Mike was right behind her, so he saw the whole thing, I was in the kitchen and the moment she hit, my heart SUNK!  All I could hear was Mike saying, “She hurt, she is hurt bad!!”  We both ran to her and scooped her up.  We could see that she had cut her top lip, just inside from where her lips meet in her mouth.  After a moment of chaos, we got the pediatrician’s office on the phone, and luckily they were able to get us in right away.  We did, and thank god, she did not need any stitches & her teeth were fine.

We came home that evening and put her to bed, but when she woke up in the morning, we could see that her mouth had started bleeding again.  We cleaned her up, but after nap time, it was the same thing.  It was obvious to us that the toe-toe was preventing her cut from scabbing over. 

So we made a decision, it was time to say goodbye to toe-toe.  So all afternoon we talked about how Dr. Wolmouth had called, and said that the toe-toe was bad for her big owie, and that she could not have it anymore.  (OK, that was a little white lie, but I see it smaller than Santa or the Easter Bunny.)

So as we got closer to bedtime, we prepared for what we were sure was going to be a rough night.  I was already giving myself positive feedback.  Mike and I were already saying to each other, “It’s going to be tough, but it is the best thing for her.”, and “It will not start to heal while she is still sucking on that thing.”  So we were ready when bedtime came with our tough parenting armor on.  We did our normal bedtime routine, made sure we put on her favorite jammies, and especially made sure she had bunny, her nighttime snuggly.  We gave her big kisses and hugs, and yelled “LOVE YOU!”, as we closed her door like we do every night.  Then we held our breath for what was to come………

Except…it did not.  We listened on the monitor, as she quietly played with her Bunny, and eventually fell asleep.  My strong little girl handled the saying good-bye of toe-toe like a little trooper.

So this afternoon, as I just put her down for her nap, again without toe-toe, I am thinking, “Thank you for the Valentine Surprise, Love Bug.”

Enjoy the pics of her baking her first Valentine Cake.  just ignore the big ol’ fat lip and the mean table her gave it to her. 😦

 Heart Hair


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  • 1. debweeks  |  February 14, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Poor Emme:-( So sorry to hear about her fall but glad she’s okay. Not happy to hear what it took to rid her of her toe-toe, but it all worked out.

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