Life Without Witches

March 11, 2011 emme1

One of Emme’s favorite things to do it play with play-dough.  The other day, while sorting through my collection of cookie cutters she came across this one:

Excitingly she exclaimed, “Oh look!  Firefighter!  Firefighter putting out the fire!”  I said to her, “That does look like a firefighter.” As I giggled to myself, I realized seeing it from the Emme perspective, it does look like a firefighter.  What a perspective it is…

We all see the classic Halloween figure, without a second thought.  However, this last two Halloween’s, we have kept Emme’s exposure very G rated.  In her mind there a smiling pumpkins &  maybe a silly black cat or two, but no witches.  They are scary and mean. 

In fact my definition of a witch, does not have that much to do with Halloween, as much as it has to do with a person in your life that acts inappropriately, and gets away with it because….well..everyone knows they are a witch!  You know who I am talking about, we all have them in our lives.  It could be a co-worker, a family member, even the guy who is tailgating you as you are driving down the freeway.  You let him pass, only to watch him tailgate the next person.  Yes, he is a witch.

How lucky Emme is to have no definition of this type of person.  As her Mommy, I am going to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can. 🙂


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