Belly Mom & Heart Mom

May 8, 2011 emme1

The day after we met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Personally, I do not think it is ever to early to start talking with Emme about her adoption story. My intent is from her earliest memory, it is just part of who she is. My husband and I have decided that at this point, the story sounds something like this:

“You are so lucky because you have two Mommies. You have your heart Mommy, that is me, and you have your belly Mommy, Aden in Ethiopia.”

Because she is only two now, we really do not need to go into any further detail. However, this does not stop me from looking into the future, and imagining how I plan on expanding the story so that is evolves into a foundation of where she comes from. Through Emme, I have come to realize how lucky I am to take that for granted.

Yesterday, in celebration of National Birth Mothers Day, we planted wild flowers in our back yard. Mike and I have decided that this is how we plan on celebrating Aden every year. As I watched Emme plant the flowers, I was surprised how emotional it was for me. There was so many layers of emotion. I felt pride for myself as a Mother, as I begin to nurture this part of Emme. I felt curious, but sad about Aden. Who is she?…..WHO IS SHE? I wonder every day, especially now that Emme is so big. Emme’s personality shines brighter every day. Now that she is two, I see this VERY strong little girl. It makes me desire to meet Aden more & more. Even though Aden is a stranger, I love her because I love Emme. If she only knew the gift that she gave me. I hope honestly in my heart that somehow the universe tells her that.

So when I look at the title of my post, in my heart, Belly Mom & Heart Mom equally combine to be, well…… a part of Emme.

Enjoy the video of Emme planting Aden’s flowers:


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