Happy Birthday Emme

First off, I apologize for my blogging absence. While waiting for Emme, I saw it happen so many times. The blogs I loved to follow would become silent after kids come home. I fully admit my guilt and blame Mark Zuckerberg for creating such an easy way to stay connected. Although Facebook is quick and easy, it does not serve as a journal, which is my intention for Bringing Emme Home. Moving on….

Now for the good stuff. Emme’s birthday is tomorrow February 8th. My Ethiopian Princess is turning two.

She is such a bright shining star. Her language has been developing at an alarming rate, and at 2 she is saying 4-5 word sentences on a regular basis, and every once in a while I will hear a 6 word one. She says her ABC’s, counts to 15 (at least), and is working on recognizing her shapes and colors. If I was to pick one thing that is her favorite in the world, it would be singing. She LOVES to sing, and will do it every chance she has. Her favorites are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, ABC Song & Ba Ba Black Sheep. These are often belted out with every inch of herself, and although not quite in tune yet, they are full of soul.

Emme is one of the most social kids I have ever met. She makes sure to say “Hi”, usually a very dramatic, “HHHIIIIIII!” to anyone that she comes across. This is quite entertaining when we are doing something like grocery shopping. I love seeing people’s reactions to her friendliness. Just today at lunchtime, she was saying , “Hi” to our dog Sadie. frustrated that Sadie was not responding, she said, “Sadie, I talking to you!” When I told her that Doggies don’t talk, she was perplexed. I could see her little mind thinking. I went on to tell her only people talk, not animals. She started saying, “Cows no talking?”, “No Darling.” “Hmmmm, Roosters no talking?” “No Darling” “Hmmmm…Kitties no talking?” And as you can imagine, we pretty much had to go through every animal that we knew. ūüôā It was a big deal to her that not everything talked back, or responded to what she said.

Did I mention how fun she is? She will prefer to crack up over anything else. Of course the person who cracks her up the most is Daddy. She never knows what Daddy is going to do next, and always says, “Daddy Funny!!” Her favorite place to be is on Daddy’s shoulders. Every time she goes up there, she gets this smile that I only see then.

She definitely has the classic Ethiopian strong personality. I have no worries about her becoming the strong independent woman who I hope she will be. Emme knows what she wants & when she wants it. Right now this part of her personality proves to be challenging, in the midst of the terrible twos. We take each day at a time, and I follow the concepts in the book, “Parenting Your Strong Willed Child”


I highly recommend it. Now that she is two, she is old enough for me to start using its tools to the fullest.

Enough talk about Em, let me show you.

Enjoy the video of her Birthday Party.



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Such a Big Girl!

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Summer 2010

So many experiences and memories this summer. It truly was one that will last in our hearts forever. Emme and I made a point to get as much in as possible. I am sorry to see the season go.

There are so many things to highlight, I hardly know where to begin. Probably number one on the list is swimming, and LOTS of it. Emme loves the water, and this Pisces Mom could not be happier. We spent many days soaking up the rays and loving the pool. Emme is so confident in the water, it is a little scary, but after I bought her floaty wings, I could relax and enjoy the water with her.

Other highlights included meeting Elmo, County & State Fairs, and LOTS of playdates with friends.

Also big this season is Emme’s language developing at an alarming rate. She is regularly putting two words together, and now is begining to put three together. Each day, her ability to communicate with me expands. Something that I am thrilled about. She also is telling me that she is going “poopy”, so potty chair has its place in the bathroom. (Although, I do not think Emme, or I am truly ready for potty training yet.)

Emme turns 19 months old tomorrow. I can only imagine what fall will bring after looking back at Summer.

Enjoy the summary of our season!

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Meeting Elmo

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18 Months Old Today

Today Emme¬†turns 18 months old. She has turned into a beautiful, walking, talking and strong-willed toddler. Her language development is extraordinary. She regularly is putting two words together and I am watching as the sign language I tought her is being replaced by verbal communication. Just today, we pulled up to the private pool that we belong to and she said, “Swimming! Water!”. Even more suprising as she is swimming in the pool she started saying, “Ella, please….” Ella is one of her good friends, and the last time we went swimming, Ella and her Mommy joined us.

Emme’s¬†personality is like a shining star. Every day, she shines brighter than the day before. She loves to be around other kids, especially older kids, and believes she is best friends with everyone.¬† She prefers to be out and about (just like Mommy).¬† That characteristic of her personality is interesting to me, as I am reading posts from a year ago and I said the same thing about her then.

Speaking of personality..WOW!¬† Emme’s is big and bright!¬† She seems to steal the spotlight wherever she goes and loves it.¬† Dancing is one of her favorite things, and I cannot wait until she is old enough to start lessons.¬† One of her other favorite things is music..any type.¬† It is obvious anything musical makes her heart smile.¬†

Lately, I am in awe of her.¬† I remember looking at her when she first came home and wondering, “What are you like?”¬† “What makes you happy?”¬† What does your smile look like?”¬† What does your laugh sound like?”¬† Now I know the answer to all of those questions.¬†

As Ethiopian Mommy’s, we are all so used to hearing, “She is a lucky little girl.”¬† To that I say, “Maybe, but it is Mommy & Daddy who are the lucky ones!”¬† I¬†feel like I am the luckiest Mommy in the world.¬† It is so spiritual to know that the one soul that was meant to be my daughter found her way home, from half the world away.

I love to spend time with her, to be with her, to live life with her. 

Many of you know this is the poem I have on her nursery wall:

You are the poem I dreamed of writing

The masterpiece I longed to create

You are the shining star that I reached for in my forever

Hopeful guest of life fulfilled

You are my child

Now with all things, I am blessed.

What you don’t know is that we have a habit of walking by that wall and Emme¬†wanting me to read it to her.¬† Which I do, and at the end, Emme’s looks at me and signs/says, “More, More”.

“Absolutely my Love Bug!!!”

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Day of the African Child

Last weekend, we attended the “Day of the African Child”, a celebration of Africa put on by Portland State University. The moment I heard of this event, I knew it was a must attend. If you are one of our Oregon/Ethiopian/Friends, we HIGHLY encourage going next year. To be surrounded by African culture & people was so fulfilling to my heart, nearly a year after we have returned from Ethiopia. Emme had a wonderful time. As usual I am awstruck by her social nature and the way she feels the music. ūüôā Enjoy!

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One year ago today…..

I was standing in this exact spot, at the exact time, when I received a VERY important phone call.

Our adoption had passed in the Ethiopian courts.

Emme was officially our daughter.

Now, I can barely remember life without her.

“Love you Forever, Lovebug!”

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Memorial Weekend Memories

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First Time For Daddy

I have documented plenty of “first time Mommy” moments on here but not that many Daddy ones. With Father’s Day just around the corner I find it perfectly fitting to share with you,¬† just one of the many “first time Daddy” moments. ¬†My Husband is such a wonderful Father. I am so thankful he is my teamate in parenting.

Emme’s First Bicycle

After a long stressful day at work

Reading directions

Calling princess phone for backup

Helping Daddy

“I LOVE my new bike!¬† Thanks Daddy!”

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Emme & Beni

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