Special Thank You’s

03/16/09 Thank you to Margo Johnston for your generous contribution.

03/05/09 We realized that we have not updated this page for almost a year.  We have a lot more Thank you’s to add since then.

THE GEORGE FAMILY:  The enitre family has embraced Emme.  She already is part of the family.  Especailly to Grandma George for the inspiration to adopt from Africa.  Your help and support along the way has made this journey possible.

SYDNE ANDERSON: Emme’s Grammie,  You have such a special place in our hearts and Emme’s too!

JENNIFER EDMONDSON:  My dear friend.  I don’t think you realize how much your support has meant to me.  From notarizing the mountains of paperwork to the 400 mile round trip, one day adventure that we went on to get our paperwork State authenticated in Salem and then onto the adoption agency in Banks OR.  That day would have been impossible without you.

MIKE AND TIFFANY HUDSON:  I know we already thanked you guys below but we feel the need to once again thank you for your friendship.  I think you guys were just as excited about our Dossier arriving in Ethiopia as we were. 

JEANNE POWELL:  Thank you for the contribution and being  part of bringing Emme home.

TAMI NOLAN:  Thank you for your help, I am so glad that you are part of Emme’s village.

In addition, we want to thank all of our friends who continue to support us as we travel throughout this journey.  Everyone who asks about where we are at, it really means a lot to us because we know that Emme has her village waiting for her.


We want to extend our sincere thanks to the following people who have already played a significant part in bringing Emme home.

DEE COLLINS:  Dee and I worked together from 1996-1999.  I was happy to reconnect with her while on my many business trips to Salem.  During a lunch that we were having I was sharing with Dee that we were starting to transfer our thoughts from infertility to adoption.  Dee told me about her friend Krista that had recently adopted 3 children.  That afternoon as I was driving home to Bend Krista e-mailed me.  Not only is she an adopted parent but also an employee for Dove Adoptions International Inc.  That e-mail from Krista started the amazing journey.  Dee, we are so sincerely thankful for being the first step in bringing Emme home.

KRISTA NICHOLS:  Krista I cannot tell you what your support has meant to me.  You were instrumental in helping me realize that the reason we were not able to conceive is because we were meant to adopt.  I look forward to many years of friendship.  You are an amazing individual.

ACE AND SUSAN NILSON:  One of our references for the adoption.  You guys!  I just luv ya.  Thank you for you reference and thank you for your friendship.

MIKE AND TIFFANY HUDSON:  Thank you for your reference.  I see many happy picnics, birthday parties and happy days with our little girls playing together.  We are so thankful to have met you and cherish your friendship.

WENDY HEATH:  You are a gem of a person!  I am so lucky to have a friend like you.  Your referance letter was so touching and I cannot wait for Emme to meet her Aunt Wendy.


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